Shoulders, Triceps & Chiropractor

Shoulders first thing in the morning with Machine Lateral Raises, Dumbbell Lateral Raises & Reverse Fly’s on the ‘Pec Deck’.  My shoulders and chest are getting better with more freedom of movement and a lot less tightness.  My right hand pectoral is less painful and no where near as tight as previous sessions.  I am also spending a lot less time stretching and when I do stretch it is easier to progress into a deep stretch in the doorway at home or hanging around in the gym.

Another Chiropractor appointment at 10.00am and then back into the gym for the afternoon session of triceps.

Things are improving and I feel that this is due to the ‘knot’ release in the right hand pectoral that was carried out recently.  Rotation of the shoulders is easier and I find myself less concerned with this problem.  The Chiropractor and I decided to omit the shoulder rotator cuff exercises for the time being to see if the pectoral tightness and shoulder pain improves in the short term.  This could allow us to determine the cause of the problems in the near future rather than look back and say ‘…it was a ‘knot’ in the pectoral and weak rotator cuffs’.

Last night I could feel soreness in my right biceps and although massage was carried out on this muscle tendon on Tuesday I think this is due to the back workouts that I have been doing.  I have not worked the biceps directly since 8th September so that is a total of 8 days so this soreness must be due to the variety of cable pulls.  As the cable pulls and deadlift are major compound moves and also a required strengthening exercise for the stability of the shoulders and scapula they can not be omitted from the workout.

To reduce the amount of stress on the biceps I feel it is necessary to omit all forms of biceps curls to allow the massage, stretching and rehabilitation work to take effect.  This should allow me to continue with my back workouts and aid recovery.

I feel like I am getting some where!!