Tight Calves & Hamstrings

No leg work today as tight calves & hamstrings and feeling a bit stiff elsewhere!  Foam rolling of quads, hamstrings and calves massaged on banister plus stretching of all of these muscles and feeling great.  Its surprising how much of a difference massage and stretching can make on your well-being as when I have completed a good session of this I feel so much better and if I do it when I am tired in the evening along with traps under the chin-up bar I am instantly ready for bed!

Another day off from leg work as I seriously did not fancy the efforts of working out and then having to sit down at the P.C all weekend.  Further to this I could not face the prospect of sitting down all day on tired legs that would tighten up and ache for a few days…I admit that massage and stretching of my legs are not first on my agenda.

I have mentioned previously that if I miss a calf/leg session on a Saturday my legs start to tighten up anyway…almost in sympathy (or apathy) for me not doing the workout in the first place!  I know that the calf workout itself (and deep squat) is a very good stretch as I can squat on the floor like a two year old after doing these but some times wonder if my muscles remember when I should be doing these and let me know when I don’t.