Pectoral or Supraspinatus?

I have not exercised the supraspinatus or any other rotator cuff muscles since Thursday as I have considered it will be difficult to evaluate whether the pectoral or supraspinatus has been causing the problems.  So it was back work with cables for the morning session, this was carried out after my usual warm up for back, shoulders and arms.  The tightness in the chest has definitely improved which I can feel every day but how can we prove if this is ‘knot’ release of the pectoral or correct firing and/or improved strength of the supraspinatus?

If the tightness is due to the pectoral ‘knots’ then freeing these will allow the muscle to relax and all surrounding muscles that maybe tightening up to support it.  Naturally, you would then expect the shoulder position to improve which would then allow the supraspinatus to fire?  This problem has been going on now for so long I am happy to work on just the pectoral alone to see what happens and if things dramatically improve would this not suggest that the pectoral (major or minor) has been the problem through the simple process of elimination?

There have been a host of other issues that I have experienced that could possibly be related to this one simple problem which include scalenes, sternocleidomastoid, trapezius, levator scapulae and so much more that I really do not understand.  But I have been aware for a long time that they are all interconnected.

I have not been loitering in my doorways stretching so much at home over the weekend but I have been constantly aware of my L/H shoulder and neck being tight so this suggests that my R/H shoulder must be significantly improved for me to forget about it.  This is another good indicator to me.

Standing single arm cable rows with one plate (1.1kg) were tried again this morning with my R/H and the snapping is still present in the shoulder.  Is this the bicep brachi long head or supraspinatus?  Incidentally, the one plate is what I use to do all rotator cuff exercises and no more so 1.1kg is enough…and I struggle with the supraspinatus!!!

I have another appointment with the Chiropractor tomorrow so these things will be discussed in more detail.

Afternoon session of deadlifts (could not face it this morning) and abdominal work.