Shoulders, Triceps & Chiropractor

Shoulders first thing in the morning with Machine Lateral Raises, Dumbbell Lateral Raises & Reverse Fly’s on the ‘Pec Deck’.  My shoulders and chest are getting better with more freedom of movement and a lot less tightness.  My right hand pectoral is less painful and no where near as tight as previous sessions.  I am......»

Pectoral or Supraspinatus?

I have not exercised the supraspinatus or any other rotator cuff muscles since Thursday as I have considered it will be difficult to evaluate whether the pectoral or supraspinatus has been causing the problems.  So it was back work with cables for the morning session, this was carried out after my usual warm up for......»

Tight Calves & Hamstrings

No leg work today as tight calves & hamstrings and feeling a bit stiff elsewhere!  Foam rolling of quads, hamstrings and calves massaged on banister plus stretching of all of these muscles and feeling great.  Its surprising how much of a difference massage and stretching can make on your well-being as when I have completed......»

Dumbbell Lateral Raises

Dumbbell Lateral Raises, Dumbbell ‘Y’ Raises and Dumbbell Reverse Fly’s were easier to complete today with the same weight and shoulders felt much more comfortable throughout the workout.  On the Machine Lateral Raises I lifted more sets with a full deck than I have ever done! Lateral raises are the safest and most comfortable exercise I can......»

Stretching In The Doorway

Last night I was stretching in the doorway along with doing a number of other things on the website and noticed how easy it was to work myself into the doorway stretch that has become so familiar.  I did not have to work so slowly to have a deep stretch and found my shoulder far......»

Abdominal Workout

Back to the gym after Chiropractic visit to carry out Abdominal work.  My appointment with the Chiropractor went very well with more emphasis on the R/H pectoral muscle.  This is the area that I have always felt is responsible for these problems that I am having and a lot of work was done on pinching......»

Upper Pectoral Tight In Morning

I awoke this morning and the first thing I felt was a tight upper pectoral muscle and front shoulder!!  I have not done a chest workout since 17th August so what causes this?  I have also stopped doing Clean & Press and Overhead Press since 18th August.  Close Grip Bench press has also been dropped......»

Squats & Calf Raises

Morning session: High bar past parallel squats 4 sets of 15,10,5,5 reps with 40,60,80kgs close stance with feet parallel.  Near to exhaustion but keeping strict form.  Immediately dropping to low bar squat with shoulder width stance with toes pointing slightly out for 2-3 deep (A2G) squats to failure.  Legs tired after this and always feels......»

Shoulders, Triceps & Biceps

Morning Session:- Shoulders Usual warm up of arms, shoulders and back.  Easy warm-up of cable External Rotators, Internal Rotators, Supraspinatus & Serratus Anterior. No Clean & Press or Over Head Press as looking to limit activation of upper pecs.  3 sets of 15,10,5 reps for Machine Side Lateral Raise, Dumbbell Side Lateral Raise, Rear Fly’s. ......»

New Back Workout

Due to ongoing issues with pecs and shoulders my new back work will include the following:- Wide Lat Pull-down to back of neck & chest, Close Grip Pull-down to chest, Wide & Close Grip Seated Rows, Dead-lifts. These will be done with more emphasis on form and not weight lifted so if I can not......»

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